Client Goal

Get the right attendees to their SHALE INSIGHT™ Conference, on a budget!

The Work

To attract people to the SHALE INSIGHT™ Conference, exposure is needed for a very specific audience. Savvy researched appropriate audience and their media habits, then negotiated digital media purchasing across Facebook / Instagram, Twitter, and Google. With an additional focus on radio and traditional media such as trade publications and journals, we targeted where the audience works and what they are interested in.

Here comes the budget part: Savvy negotiated trades and added value with media partners. We utilized our connections and exchanged in-kind items like exhibitor booths, promotional signs, website placements, and more for radio air time and visual exposure.

This strategic approach ensured client dollars went even further with our help.

The Result

Savvy surpassed attendance goals all seven years we have been part of the conference’s promotion.

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