Excela Health

Client Goal

Decipher patient experience metrics across their dozens of practices – and pinpoint where to improve.

With so many primary care and specialist practices in Westmoreland County, Excela Health needed a way to gauge patient experiences. Savvy teamed up with the health system to conduct a research project.

The Work

Savvy deployed our team to contact every Excela Health physician location, multiple times, with different reasons for the call. Information was recorded – how long the patient was on hold, if they had to leave a voicemail, how easy it was to make an appointment, the friendliness of the staff, and more. Our expert team gathered and analyzed the data, all with the goal of improving patient experience and creating effective, ongoing employee training programs.

The Result

After multiple years of conducting this research study, Excela Health has seen positive results in all recommended areas of improvement. From our recommendations, Excela Health instituted employee training programs that caused a significant growth in success in positive patient experiences, in addition to creating policies to ensure best practices.

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