Client Goal

Bring the national product and beverage promotions to life in local markets through customized public relations, social media activations and Influencer engagement.

As a local agency partner Savvy develops local strategies and tactics that make the national Dunkin’ promotions more relevant to the markets they serve. We create localized social and digital messaging and content that drives awareness, traffic, and trial.

The Work

Savvy looks for ways to “surprise and delight” Dunkin’ customers and make the brand visible by tying them closely to the community. We develop content and messaging that resonates with the local communities and brand fans. We make Dunkin’ a part of their routine creating slice of life, real stories to share. You will see Dunkin’ show up at Penguin games, parades, fairs, festivals, community events, dog walks, and sometimes just hanging out in the coolest places, with the coolest people sipping coffee.

The Result

We get engagement and traffic results for Dunkin’, and they trust Savvy to maintain brand standards, plan and execute flawlessly and bring our A game to everything we do.

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