Butler Health System

Client Goal

Butler Health System established a centralized location for patient scheduling appointments with doctors, specialists, and to provide community support.  The Compassionate Care Center is staffed with agents who work closely with BHS physician practices to provide fast and efficient solutions for patients.

BHS turned to the Savvy Marketing Group to conduct a baseline performance evaluation of how the new center was meeting its goals of providing friendly, fast, professional support connecting patients with services.

The Work

Savvy created a customized, comprehensive survey and evaluation approach to establish benchmark performance metrics in the appointment scheduling process.

Different “patient personas” were created for the survey callers.  Questions focused on the time it took to evaluate the patient need, connect to the right practice, schedule an appointment, and the professionalism, friendly and helpful attitudes of the Care Center staff.

The Result

Over 300 calls were conducted over a period of six weeks to create benchmark metrics. Results confirmed the fundamental value the new Care Center services brings to the community. Results also enabled Butler Health Systems to identify areas of opportunity to improve and grow services to patients and physicians.

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