Kimberly Loszewski

Chief Executive Officer

Kimberly Loszewski, CEO / Partner

She holds the vision and calls the shots.

With a non-stop drive for excellence, a unique combination of creative and analytical thinking skills, and an unwavering commitment to client service, Kimberly sets the bar high at Savvy.

Kimberly has built an impressive Agency career offering leadership and integrated marketing solutions on the international, national, and regional stage for well-known retail, auto, casino, quick service restaurant, manufacturing, energy, hospitality and entertainment, consumer goods, banking, and sports brands.

Among her many awards and accolades, Kimberly has been recognized as a Pacesetter. The Pacesetters Award, initiated by Smart Business Pittsburgh, recognizes business leaders in the Greater Pittsburgh area that are setting the pace for the region through work in their own organization and their personal commitment to the community-as-a-whole.

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