We Are Savvy

A team of professionals who share the energy and enthusiasm it takes to make an impact. We listen, and we build brands through fully integrated marketing solutions.

Savvy isn’t just our first name… its who we are. A marketing solutions agency helping brands pivot to new ways of thinking, communicating, and doing business to help them thrive in a competitive, changing world.

We know something about creating energy and momentum. Founded over a glass of wine by seasoned professionals who wanted to shift the paradigm away from typical agency bureaucracy and over to a focus on client service and great work, Savvy quickly evolved into an elite team of experts from every facet of the marketing landscape.  We’re ready to infuse that energy into your brand.

Are you ready to get your brand moving!

Our Savvy Values

Core Values: Respect


We honor and appreciate all aspects of work and life.
Core Values: Fun


“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” – e.e. cummings
Values: Accountability


We assume ownership of our actions.
Core Values: Teamwork


We work together to achieve a common goal.
Core Values: Kindness


We act with mindfulness, joy and compassion in all situations.


Kimberly Loszewski

Chief Executive Officer

Willie Hogue

Chief Financial Officer

Roseann Tiberi

Chief People Officer

Marilyn Nicholson

Chief Media Officer

Frank Longo

Chief Creative Officer

Mary McGrath


Account Services


Autumn Farole

Corporate Creative Director

AJ Brach

Video Director

Dave Jennings

Video and Motion Graphics Designer

Chris Crawford

Senior Web / Graphic Designer

Michael Brownlee

Content & Production Manager

David Gardner

Graphic Designer

Erin Brandt

Graphic Designer

Hannah Snyder

Video Producer / Editor

Media / Marketing

Duncan Jameson

Media Director

Cristina Battaglia

Media Director

Anita Miller

Media Director

David Starr

Digital Marketing Director


Mark DeAndrea

Brand Strategist

Natalie Bencivenga

Public Relations Strategist


Gino Pilato

Staff Accountant

Tai Lehman

Account Payable and Office Coordinator